I’m available for mixing and mastering work.


€ 44,- per track, € 40 p.t. for albums with 11 or more tracks.
€ 10,- per track for extra adjustments for vinyl.

Mixing rate depends on a lot of factors and will be decided on a case to case basis.
Get in touch and we’ll figure something out.

reasonable revisions are always free. Please be 100% sure about your mix though before sending your track.
If you go back and drastically change your mix before a revision, I will have to charge you again to make up for the extra work.

What you get:
I will mix and master your music on a hybrid setup with hardware from Solid State Logic (SSL), API, Urei, Thermionic, TK-Audio, and software from Acustica, DMG, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Eventide, Izotope etc., recorded and played back through mastering-grade conversion and monitoring by Merging, ATC, and Audeze. My studio is acoustically treated with products by Hofa and GIK Acoustics.
I deliver the finished files in 44.1khz/24bit (unless you want something else), uploaded via Wetransfer or Dropbox, usually within less than a week after receiving your tracks.

Selected clients:
Surgeon, Monolake, Electric Indigo, Antti Tolvi, Pita, Euroteuro, The Boiler, Bruch, Mo Nahold, John-Robin Bold.

Please note that in general my service is online mixing and mastering, meaning that I mainly do unattended sessions. If you prefer to attend a session, that‘s absolutely fine, but in this case I will charge by the hour (€ 60,-/h) instead of the fixed rates stated above.